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Tip on an Inexpensive Storm Window Treament

How can you achieve the energy savings of storm windows without the expense of installing them? Use storm window kits that consist of plastic film or sheets to cover windows instead. Attaching the plastic is done with tape or tacks. Prices range from about $3 to $10 per window, and can really help you increase the efficiency of your home’s heater. Combine this idea with other tips and energy efficient equipment options from Tappan to reduce annual energy costs. Call us for more information today.

Proper Sized Equipment Has a Big Impact

Don’t be tempted to buy a home heater that’s bigger than you need. If the heating unit is too large, it will “short cycle” or turn off and on again for short periods of time. Short cycling compromises home comfort, and it’s a big energy waster, too. We can help you determine the right sized equipment for your home and recommend energy efficient Tappan equipment that will save money on energy bills, too. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Does a Bigger Air Conditioner Cool Your Home Better

A bigger central air conditioning unit won’t cool your house better, but it will cost you more to run. For the lowest summer energy costs, choose the most energy-efficient unit that will cool the size space you have. For help with understanding energy-efficient air conditioning options and selecting the system that’s right for you, contact us, your local Tappan dealer.

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